Roller blinds are made of fabric that rolls around a pole to close and open. They can be opened by a spring, chain, remote control or automatically. There are two main types of finishes at the bottom: straight or shaped.

Roller blinds are made in a variety of fabrics including total blackout, transparent, anti-glare, sun-screen, Coronasafe antivirus, anti-pollen Pollergen, acoustic absorbtion, fire retardant, thermal insulation, heat-reflection, fire-retardant, printed design, striped, floral, anti-bacterial, polyester, linen, cotton, suede, machine-washable, moisture-resistant, mould-resistant, holland, jacquard and patterned.

More options include:

  • Print logos, photos, images or RAL color onto fabric
  • Hidden blinds to conceal blind hardware inside the wall
  • Fabrics with daytime privacy while still being able to see outside
  • See also Zip side-channels for blackout
  • Genuine Rollease-Acmeda® smooth controls for superior reliability, dependability and strength
  • Contra-rolling where the blind tube hardware is partly hidden
  • Roof roller blinds
  • Recover blinds with new fabric same day
  • Antimicrobial protective silver coating to prevent the growth of stains in fabric, odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew.
  • Braiding, lacing and stiffened scallops
  • Reverse fabric on old blinds - same day service
  • Specialist fittings such as anti-microbial chain control, crank handle control, anti-billow fabric
  • See-through "portholes" that allow a view out

Replace fabric same day

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See also:

VEROSOL (anti-glare)


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